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Registering for Paganicon is pretty simple: we’ve got a snazzy online form on Eventbrite you can fill out that asks you for the information we need. You can pay by credit card or a debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. Just click the button!Register Here

Party Suites

Party SuiteParty suites are an important part of any convention – they offer a place to relax, socialize, and get to know other presenters and guests on a more personal, unstructured level. They can be an oasis of calm, to have a cup of tea and a snack before diving back in to the con, or they can offer a raging party and lots of excitement. Quirky themes, amazing decorations, and wonderful people give them each their own unique character. They also provide a GREAT way to spread the vibe and values of your organization to hundreds of people over the course of a fun weekend.

Party Suites are reserved through the convention, not the hotel – 6 suites are available

Are you interested in hosting a party suite? If so, please read carefully, as the process has changed since last year.

On this page you will find: our new process; frequently asked questions; a link to our updated Party Suite Guidelines, including more FAQs and tips on having a successful party; and a link to our EventBrite Party Suite registration form. Please read these pages in their entirety before submitting your request. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

You can now request and pay for your party suite through EventBrite.

Instead of corralling emails, we are having everyone simply fill out this Eventbrite registration form just like our vendors do. Note that you will be charged immediately upon reserving a room, but if your suite is not chosen, your money will be completely refunded. Deadline for enrollment is January 1, 2016 and notification or confirmation of suites will be sent out on or before January 24, 2016. Remember to please read our Party Room Guidelines first.

Click HERE for the two-page enrollment form.


On the first page, you’ll be able to book your party room for Friday and Saturday nights at a cost of $260. As in past years, if you fulfill your hosting duties you will get a $60 refund after the con.

The next option is whether to add on Sunday night at the unsubsidized $130 rate. This is perfect for people who don’t want to pack it all up by noon on Sunday, and/or are interested in continuing the party after the con is over Sunday night (dead dog party!). You can also choose to add on Thursday night, also at the $130 rate (not eligible for rebate this year, but we’ll consider it for next year). That way you can check in Thursday afternoon/evening and be ready when con registration opens at noon on Friday.

Finally, you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like the hotel to remove any beds and/or deliver tables and chairs to your suite. Each fee is a one-time cost no matter how many days you’re open. Please note that whether one bed is removed or two, the flat fee is the same. (Choose “quantity: one”; you can specify how many beds to remove on the next page.)

If you’d only like to have a party suite on Friday or Saturday, but not both nights, please email and we’ll see if we can pair you up with another host who wants one night only. Groups booking for both nights will have preference.

On the second page, you’ll only have 10 minutes to fill out all your information, so please prepare accordingly. The second page will ask for your billing name and email, billing information and credit card number, contact name and email for who will be heading the party suite, sponsoring organization, information about your suite (a short description for the program guide – we will check with you for updates before publishing), whether you’re planning to host a calm space or a boisterous party, any special preferences, and if you did select bed removal on the first page, if you’d like one or both removed. (If you only want one bed removed, let us know which one to remove: closer to the front or closer to the back.)

The deadline for requesting a party suite with all the information above is January 1, 2016. If we have more than six requests, the Paganicon/TCPP board will decide and inform all involved whether they got a suite or not by January 24, 2016 at the latest. If your organization does not make the cut this year, your money will be refunded immediately.

Checking in at the Con:

Although Paganicon will be opening at noon on Friday this year, as usual we cannot guarantee the suites will be turned over and cleaned by the hotel staff any earlier than 3pm. Your room keys will be at Con Ops, NOT the hotel’s front desk. Come see us when you arrive; if we don’t have your keys yet, you can leave your number and we’ll call you as soon as we have them.



Who may host?
Party Suites are created by dedicated individuals and groups who give their time, energy and money to create a sense of wonder and havens of diverse cultural themes for celebration and conversation. We do ask that you stick to themes related to our purpose, and your room must be open at least twelve hours over the weekend, at least six of which must be on Saturday, our only full-length day.

What’s welcome?
We particularly seek parties that fit the theme and focus of our event, and welcome anyone representing Pagan or magical community events, organizations, or communities.

So now that you want to host a party, what’s the next step? First, come up with a genius idea for a Pagan themed party and submit your application. Party Suites are a part of the convention, so they must be hosted by a registered member of the convention who agrees to be the primary contact for all communication, questions, and details. (You must be a registered member before your request for a suite will be processed.)

Hosts may designate assistant hosts if they wish (who must also be registered members of the convention). At least one host or assistant host must be present at all times when the hospitality suite is open to guests.

Who may visit?
Parties should be open to all members of the convention at any time the suite is open. If you have problems with or concerns about a particular person’s presence or behavior, please discuss this with the Paganicon board as soon as possible (you can contact us before the event, or find the board member on duty at Con Ops). Party suites are only intended for registered participants of Paganicon, purchasers of day passes, or ball ticket holders.

Where are the suites?
This year, we have six suites available, all on the 2nd floor atrium space overlooking the pool area. If you turn left from any suite and follow the hallway, you’ll arrive to the programming rooms in less than a minute unless you get distracted. The vendor room is directly underneath the party suites. Note that these suites do back onto other guest areas.

Inside the Doubletree - suites are on "main drag" overlooking the atrium and pool area.

Inside the Doubletree – suites are on “main drag” overlooking the atrium and pool area. (Photo by Jack Green)

What is provided?
Suites come with everything you’d expect in a hotel suite: beds, a couch and chairs, televisions, a bathroom. You can request bed removal, and/or additional chairs or tables, on the Party Suite Request form and such charges will be confirmed upon acceptance.

Fridges may be available on request, on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you do not get a fridge, we strongly encourage you to bring a cooler, as the hotel does not allow guests to load sinks or tubs with ice to keep beverages cool. There are several local stores (Rainbow, Costco, gas stations) where you may purchase additional ice if needed.

What should I provide?
You may wish to provide refreshments, decorations, or materials, and are welcome to do so within the policies outlined in our Party Suite Guidelines. If you offer food items, a range of small dishes with a variety of choices is often easier to manage than larger bowls (and if they do spill, easier to clean up.) Those with food restrictions deeply appreciate good labelling (and a chance to see the package if needed).

Our hotel is near Costco (across the parking lot) and Rainbow (across Park Place Ave.) should you need supplies.

Hosts are responsible for any damages or additional charges for their reserved space during the event. No room service will be available for the suites during the weekend.

How will my party suite be advertised?
Parties will be listed in the conference program and other materials, along with their room number, assigned by Paganicon. Groups hosting suites will be mentioned on our website as well. You may also post to the Paganicon Facebook page once a week between Jan. 24 (or date of acceptance notification) and March 7. From March 7-14, you may post twice with any updates, news, or encouragement to visit your suite.

Per our contract with the hotel, signs to identify the suite may only be posted on the inside of the large glass windows facing the walkway. Freestanding signs or tables outside the suite doors are not allowed, due to hotel fire code and accessibility requirements.

When taping signs, please use tape (such as painter’s tape) that will remove easily from the glass without residue. Signs may not be posted on the interior walls of the suite, or on the inside or outside of doors – even gentle adhesives tend to leave marks on these spaces.

Sign posting in window

Example of sign posted in window facing main hallway (photo by Jane Hawkner)

How much do party suites cost?
We have arranged for a discounted rate for Party Suites of $130 per night in addition to a bonus rebate of $30 per night (maximum $60) to be paid after the Con if your suite qualifies. But to earn the rebates we do expect you to create something fabulous to add to the convention experience, and your room must be open for at least twelve hours total, and at least six hours on Saturday (part of which must fall during the Equinox Ball). Hosts will also be required to pay any charges for furniture removal that they request (these costs are what the hotel charges us.) The cost and fees are listed on the Party Suite registration form.

Payment for your reservation will be made to Twin Cities Pagan Pride via EventBrite when you register; we pay the hotel. Hosts are responsible for any additional charges due to the condition, unusual cleaning needs, or incidental charges for the suite.

For more information, check out the Party Suite Guidelines Page.

To reserve a party suite, register and pay through our EventBrite Party Suite registration form!

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