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Registering for Paganicon is pretty simple: we’ve got a snazzy online form on Eventbrite you can fill out that asks you for the information we need. You can pay by credit card or a debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. Just click the button!Register Here

Becoming a Vendor

Pagainicon Vendor

Vendor Registration for Paganicon 2015 will open SOON!

Paganicon’s Vendor Room is our ‘Digon Alley’

Vendor spaces are on the main floor. We’ll make sure that several hotel carts are available for easy transfer of materials. The vendor room is unlocked shortly before vendor hours open (with a Paganicon staff member present), and locked at the end of vendor hours.

Legal details: (files mentioned below are PDFs)

About our email list:
Vending is closed for Paganicon 4. We encourage anyone interested in vending with us in the future to sign up for our vendor email list below, a low-traffic announcement list which is used for updates and details about vending at all of our upcoming events.

You’ll also get announcements for our fall Pagan Pride event through this list – we know that vendors have different preferences about which events work for them. We also encourage you to review our vendor policies (a requirement for all vending at our events.)

Get info on vending at Paganicon and other Twin Cities Pagan Pride events!

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