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Guests of Honor

As we celebrate our 10th year, we wanted to bring back some of our former guests to celebrate this milestone. These guests helped make the event what it is today and we’re so excited to welcome them back to celebrate with us. In that spirit, we are very pleased to announce Christopher Penczak as our first Guest of Honor at Paganicon 2020!

Christopher Penczak is a modern Witch working in the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and community he helped co-found. His practice focuses on the intersection of Love, Will, and Wisdom as an ethos for today’s Witch, and focuses upon relationships with the plant realm, the patterns of astrology, and the use of trance in the Craft.

Christopher is the author of many books, including the Temple of Witchcraft series and The Mighty Dead. His vision is of an evolving Witchcraft culture making magick accessible to all, yet preserving the heart of the mystery.

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