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Paganicon Party Suites

Party suites are an important part of any convention – they offer a place to relax, socialize, and get to know other presenters and guests on a more personal, unstructured level. They can be an oasis of calm, to have a cup of tea and a snack before diving back in to the con, or they can offer a raging party and lots of excitement. Quirky themes, amazing decorations, and wonderful people give them each their own unique character.


Party Suites that were at Paganicon 2018:

219 – Bruj@s Sanctum

Pagans of Color are different people, from different Pagan/Indigenou traditions, with different experience levels, and from different ethnic backgrounds. Together, we are a strong community with valuable knowledge and perspectives. The Sanctum will a safe space for people of color, allies, and to visit, ask questions and hang out.  The altar to Santa Muerte will be housed in the suite for all to visit and pay respects.

223 – SweetWood Temenos

Our plans are not fully formed, but we will be incorporating elements related to the Paganicon theme of Fire and Ice. Our suite will be a place people can come to for engaging conversations, friendly folks, and food.

224 – The Sisterhood of Avalon

As in previous years we plan to create an Avalonian respite and sanctuary, offering light snacks and beverages.

225 – Pagans of Color & Allies

This is a multicultural, multi-traditional group. We will set up altars and speaking/ritual space, like we did last year. It’s a place to get away from convention craziness and meet with like-minded friends for support and rejuvenation. Suite sponsored by Our Lady of Celestial Fire, the House of Netjer, and Sosyete Fos Fe Yo We. Everyone is welcome. Please come by and read our schedule of ritual events, classes, and fellowship gatherings posted at the front door!

227 – Llewellyn Publications

Informative and fun space where we’ll spread the word about our products. We’ll have books, decks, posters on display, prize drawings, we’ll take pitches, etc. The back room will be a mini Carl Llewellyn Weschcke museum.

228 – Deeply Rooted

Once again, we’ll be hosting a games suite, along with our Saturday evening mead tasting.  We’ll also be having sumbls throughout the weekend and discussions on DR and its mission.

229 – Harmony Tribe

Camping theme. We will be using camping chairs and such to promote our festival in the fall.

230 – Atchingtan Learning Center

Atchingtan Learning Center offers a serene space, a green retreat from stress, and a calm sanctuary where you can relax and recharge.  For people and Life!

231 – Standing Stones

This year’s theme of Fire and Ice will be celebrated by having Fire & Ice representations.  Fire and Ice are in everything. Stop by and see what we have in store this year!!

Get your ribbons from the Stones.  Roll with the Stones on Friday and Rock with us on Saturday.  We will have coffee in the morning, and drinks, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks available in the evening.  Stop by for some conversation, a minute to gather your thoughts, or to just see what’s going on.

232 – Earth House Project MN

Dancing in the Underworld… Our Midsummer Gather’s Theme. We’ll probably find ways to tie it into Fire and Ice as well.