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Registering for Paganicon is pretty simple: we’ve got a snazzy online form on Eventbrite you can fill out that asks you for the information we need. You can pay by credit card or a debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. Just click the button!Register Here


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Programming for 2015 is Not Open Yet

The panels and events are what makes Paganicon such a value to folks who travel here from near and far. The reason it is so good is because we get folks who submit great topics and ideas or volunteer to be presenters.

Would you like to give a presentation, workshop, lecture, or ritual at Paganicon this year? Or do you have a very cool idea for something that you might want to see, or do, but need more feedback or ideas? Do you have both specific and general ideas? We have links to forms for both! Are you an author and want to schedule a book signing? There’s a form for that, too. All forms must be submitted prior to 2/1/2015. The schedule will be finalized by 2/17/2015.
Just choose the appropriate form for your submission:

1) What do you propose? (The Programming Proposal Form)
Fill out this survey to make a specific proposal for Paganicon programming, whether you want to present a workshop, moderate a panel, or make another presentation. You must be registered for Paganicon in order to participate in programming.

Submit a Proposal

2) What’s your great idea? (The Programming Idea form) Do you have a great idea for a programming item at Paganicon? Please use this form to suggest an item you think would be a great fit for our event. You can use this form to suggest an idea you’d like to see someone else offer; get feedback on an item you might present; request to be on an existing panel or otherwise let us know of a possible topic of interest or what you’d like to see.

Submit an Idea

3) Author Book Signing / Media Signing and Sales: (The Signing & Sales Form) If you are an author and you would like to sign your books, or a performing artist with CDs, etc. you can either go through one of our vendors and see if they can accommodate you, or you can use the table Paganicon will provide for this service and sell your books there for a limited time. To sign up for this feature, you must first be registered to attend; then, use the Book Signing Form to request time at our Author Signing Table. If you use a pen name, we recommend you use that as your badge name, as well.  You must be registered for Paganicon in order to request a signing.


Need more ideas to get you started? If you’re curious about past Paganicon events, you can check our previous schedules for the details.

Got programming questions? Just let us know. Please allow us a few days to get back to you. For more general questions, go to our Contact Us page.

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