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In its sixth year, Paganicon presents
Sacred Traditions: Global Visions and Voices

We invite you to join us for a celebration of community, diversity, and encounters with a myriad of spiritual paths at our 6th annual conference to be held March 18-20, 2016 in St. Louis Park, MN.

We walk this world together; we have different spiritual ways of interacting with our deities, our ancestors, our families, and our rites, but ultimately we share many similar traditions and techniques of relating to the sacred. At Paganicon 2016 we will focus on embracing diverse cultures, engaging with folkways and traditions of magic, continuing our discussion of identifying and avoiding cultural appropriation, and investigating what we can do for our “global village” in this age of interconnectedness. Please join us as we come together; add your unique note to the harmony of our Global Visions and Voices.

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