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Special Guests

Paganicon 2018 is excited to Welcome Special Guests Chris Shelton and Daphie Pooyak. Read on to learn more!

Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton is an author, professional YouTuber, public speaker and former cult member turned activist. He was part of the Church of Scientology and worked at its highest levels for 17 years before leaving in 2013.

He has been an outspoken critic ever since, speaking around the country about the dangers of destructive cults and has appeared on numerous podcasts, radio and TV including on Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E. Chris also works to promote critical thinking, skepticism and reason.

We would like to thank the Coven of Misfit Toys for sponsoring Chris’s Visit.


Daphie Pooyak.

Daphie Pooyak is a Nakota-Cree woman from the Sweetgrass First Nation. She is a traditional teacher, gatherer and sharer of First Nation knowledge whose stories are about finding our place in creation as human beings. 

In her village, there is a family that has passed down the story of the Cree first contact with Norse people dating back to the 900’s AD. As a keeper of her peoples ceremonies and oral traditions, Daphie was gifted this story to share along with many others regarding the history of her people and the many lessons we as human beings have to learn.

In her professional life Daphie is a cultural leader traveling across Canada to many First Nations events and gatherings where she is featured as a story teller and ceremonial woman.

Daphie is also youth worker who leads summer camps on traditional knowledge and skills for youth across Canada’s Cree reserves; as well as working with the Canadian juvenile prison system in offering cultural wisdom to incarcerated youths as part of their rehabilitation.

Daphie will be sharing her story of the ‘Norse First Contact’ here in the Twin Cities, at Paganicon.

Paganicon would like to thank Daughters and Sons of Yta for sponsoring Daphie’s appearance at Paganicon.