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Registering for Paganicon is pretty simple: we’ve got a snazzy online form on Eventbrite you can fill out that asks you for the information we need. You can pay by credit card or a debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. Just click the button!Register Here


Pagainicon VendorHere is the list of vendors that appeared at Paganicon 2017!

Ariadne’s Web
Aric Stewart
Blurberrybuzz Body Art (Henna by Victoria)
Castle Art
Devonshire Incense and Soap
Enchanted Boutique
Eye of Horus, Inc
Freya’s Folk
Funk ‘n Fantasy
Gypsea Bleu’s Designs
Ladysea Creations & Dapper Dragon
Let’s Get Stones
Magus Books, Ltd.
Mystical Deva
Omega Artworks
Our Home Tea
Owlkeyme Arts / Mago Djinn
Randy Howlett Art and Design
Reiki Magick
Sage’s Aromatherapy and Oils
Spirit Parlour
The Iscevari Marketplace LLC
Thyme for Angels
Thyngs N Mor


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