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Flying Monkey SquadPaganicon is a rapidly-growing, popular convention, which means for the rest of 2015 we’ll need to step it up a notch and call in the Flying Monkey Squad to help things run smoothly. Yes, that is what our volunteers have been called from 2013 forward! You know you always wanted to be a flying monkey, and now here’s your chance!

If you want to help before the Con you can join our > Street Team < and spread the word. Just click on the link! For folks who want to help during Paganicon read on…

This year if you volunteer for 8 hours or more, you will receive an awesome Flying Monkey Squad T-shirt, available exclusively to volunteers and not for sale to the general public. How about that?

Here is a quick run-down of different types of Flying Monkeys we’ll need at Paganicon this year. Most posts require you to be a registered attendee, but some don’t, and will be marked as such.

  • Hospitality: our hospitality suite is where people can go to relax, hang out and talk with others, watch movies, or grab a light snack. Volunteers there do not need to be registered as it is outside of the programming hallway. We need people there to stock snacks and monitor the room in a polite and fun way.
  • Vendor room: we basically need gofers to take care of any issues our vendor room coordinator may have, including helping vendors with errands, questions, and so on. Volunteers in the vendor room do not need to be registered attendees, but they should be trustworthy people we know personally.
  • Friday afternoon set-up: we’ll need helpers to unload trucks downstairs and haul up equipment using the service elevator, from panels to hang artwork, to musical equipment for the ballroom, to velvet ropes for cordoning off attendee-only areas. Some heavy lifting may be required, and the more volunteers we have on Friday afternoon, the faster it will go. Registered attendees only
  • Decorating committee: we’ll need help decorating for the Equinox Ball, making the ballroom look gorgeous ahead of time and taking decorations out of the space after the ball has concluded. Registered attendees only.
  • Badge checking: perhaps the easiest job at Paganicon! You just sit in one place and make sure only people with badges enter. During the ball, volunteers will be scheduled for one-hour blocks so they can still enjoy the ball, and will need to check for people with badges or a Ball-only stamp on their hand. Registered attendees only.
  • Registration: checking people in on Friday evening, Saturday morning, and/or selling ball tickets Saturday night. Computer-literate, and good with administrative duties and numbers is preferable here. Registered attendees only on Saturday night (ball), but non-registered volunteers are welcome on Friday, and Saturday morning.
  • Art Show Security: we added an art show to Paganicon last year in one of the suites, and it was a big hit! So once again, we’ll need some pleasant and responsible people to keep an eye on the art work while the room is open. If you are one of the artists who will be showing their work this year, we strongly urge you to volunteer here for a few hours, because you’ll be in the best position to talk about the art as well! This year the art show volunteer will also need to assist with art sales, although you won’t need to actually handle any transactions (that will take place in Con Ops), just keep tabs on what has been sold before it’s been picked up.
  • Programming Monkeys: making sure presenters have everything they need and start promptly; give a five-minute warning and let presenters know when their time slot is finished. Registered attendees only.
  • Sunday Afternoon Take-Down: removing any equipment from the ballroom, hospitality suite, art show, registration table, and so on; loading into trucks and cars as directed by board members. Volunteers do not need to be registered as this will take place after the con is over, from around 4pm Sunday on.

Remember that most Flying Monkeys will need to be registered attendees of Paganicon. If you haven’t signed up already, click here. If you’re not registered, you won’t be able to enter beyond the badge checkers to enjoy any programming (lectures, ball or music), but you can still have fun as a volunteer and get the T-shirt after 8 volunteer hours.

Where can you help the most? The highest priority volunteers, for which we’ll need to fill every available slot because it’s so necessary to the functioning of the event, are Registration, Badge Checking, and Set-Up and Take-Down. Please give first priority to these; in other words, even if you’d really like to volunteer in the hospitality room or decorating, see if you can do at least one shift in a high-priority post at some point over the weekend as well.


The Flying Monkey Squad: We have T-shirts. We have capes. We have fun!

Please use the contact form below to add your name to the ranks of the Flying Monkey Squad, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule you for as many slots as you like! Please allow a day or two for a response. Thanks for your interest!

[Note: in recent weeks we’ve been experiencing a few glitches with the captchas, so if you cannot get the form to work, please email volunteers <at> paganicon <dot> org. Thank you!]

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